About Indigo Gaia



Hi! I’m Alexandra, and welcome to my blog!Milford Sound boat

I started Indigo Gaia as a space in which to share my thoughts, musings and book recommendations; start discussions; spread some inspiration; and connect with my soul-sisters and brothers!

I am so passionate about creating a life filled with happiness, adventure and self-love; and I want to share all that I discover with you along the way.  It is my sincerest hope that you find something to help and uplift you.

A bit about me: I am a writer, (amateur) photographer, total nature lover and tree-hugger, and a book nerd with aspirations to one day publish my own.  I love to go on adventures, be they big or small, and see all the spectacular things this life has to offer.

I studied English Literature (BA.Hons) at Aberystwyth University, and Western Esotericism (MA) at Exeter University. I am passionate about mythology and history, and I love to learn, but most recently my focus has turned inwards to discover self-love and answers to the bigger questions about the Universe.

I feel a calling to help bring about more love and peace in the world, and Indigo Gaia will be a place of positivity and empowerment for all who come to check it out.

Sunshine after rainWhy ‘Indigo Gaia’?

The name Indigo Gaia has multiple meanings for me. Indigo connects with Archangel Michael, the divine, peaceful warrior and defender of the Light; Gaia is the earth goddess. Together, it represents protecting our sacred planet Earth and a peaceful human civilisation.  On a more personal level, it honours my connection with the Indigo energy of the Indigo Children/Adults and my love of nature.  Altogether it encompasses my mission to help others spiritually empower themselves, love nature, honour the Divine Feminine and to inject some positivity and hope into the world.Pinkness and light

So, with much love from me to you, I hope you enjoy reading!

Alexandra xoxo

Please do leave me comments, email me at indigogaia.blog@gmail.com, or connect with me through FacebookTwitter or Instagram.


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