The Indigo Gaia Book Club

I read so many books (quite a few of which I review on here) and I absolutely love to discuss them:  What I’ve learned, what I’ve questioned, what I’ve been opened up to, what has comforted me, empowered me…

So, I thought it would be great fun to start the Indigo Gaia Book Club. This is an online book club (via where, bi-monthly, we will start a book focusing on self-love, feminine empowerment, positivity or spirituality (or all of the above, as is often the case), including discussions prompted by myself and other members.

It will be a place of friendship, happy learning, and self-discovery.

And I would just LOVE it if you would join us! (You will need a Goodreads account, which is totally free to set up).

If this resonates with you, click here: Indigo Gaia Book Club.

I hope to see you there!rsr-book-club-pic-3

Much love,

Alexandra xoxo


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