Blogging and writing so far…

It has been a year since I started Indigo Gaia, and I am SO glad that I finally decided to be brave enough to put my photography, writing and thoughts out there.  I love sharing them and so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Making the time to do something that I wholeheartedly enjoy has been very nourishing and healing to my spirit.

I am still learning about all this blogging business, and about me as a writer, but it is a massively exciting process for me.  For instance, recently getting creative with poetry and short stories caused a subtle shift in me; a change that I didn’t consciously register at first but felt nevertheless.  I soon realised that what I felt was a soothing contentment, a gentle inner peace, that came from taking another step closer to the real me – or rather, that came from me opening the door a little wider to reveal more of the real me to myself.  It is like warming sunshine flowing into my heart; like the first, blissful warm sun of spring on your upturned face.

Reminding myself of who I am, what I really enjoy, and what my abilities are is fun.  It is sad that I had lost touch with this over the last few years (as so many of us do), but gradually the fog is lifting.

I’ve gone back and forth over novel ideas for the past 10 years, none of which I followed through on.  But starting small, rather than staring down the prospect of a huge novel, has rekindled the creative flame within that, with each little poem, story and blog post, is getting stronger.  The novel will come, I am sure.  Publishing a book (or many) is on my Bucket List, after all!

Thank you to all the people who are following me on here, and on Instagram and Twitter. It genuinely warms my heart, and I am so grateful.  Here’s to many more years!

“A day will come when the story inside you will want to breath on it’s own. That’s when you’ll start writing.” – Sarah Noffke

Much LOVE to you all,



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