Monday Sunshine


As you all know, I am a bit of a Lord of the Rings nut. So, when I saw this image of Eowyn above I just knew I had to use it in this week’s inspiration post. I was looking for an image to go along with the following quote:

“Be your own hero.”

Eowyn defies all the expectations of her sex and realises her dreams of being a noble warrior, helping to protect Middle Earth against the evil of Sauron. She is brave, loving, and devoted but she won’t be defined by others, and perfectly encapsulates the idea of being your own hero/heroine.

Be a hero/heroine to yourself: show yourself love and compassion, know that you are strong, make your life what you want it to be, and have the courage to be yourself. Always.

This isn’t to say that you can’t trust or rely on anyone else. Don’t cut yourself off from other people. But, don’t depend on their permission or approval.

To be a hero I think you need to do two things:

Fight for worthy causes; for the voiceless, for those in need of aid.

Fight for your own happiness. Let no one else define you and your life.

You are strong, beautiful, powerful and worthy. Embrace it.

Happy Monday everyone!

With love,


Eowyn image via Pinterest: click here


2 thoughts on “Monday Sunshine

  1. What resounding words of truth! You have yet again pointed us in the right direction. The Truth can seem hidden from us because we don’t give ourselves time to stop and think. The answer is always within, thanks for RE – MINDING us. X

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