Monday Sunshine

Self Love scale

We all want to be the best version of ourselves, both in our personalities and our looks.  But, don’t feel that your ‘best version’ has to be the same as somebody else’s ‘best version’. It is hard, particularly for us women, but we need to stop comparing ourselves to others: when we do this, we are perpetuating a cycle that we actually hate to be trapped in.  So, the solution is simple: love your unique traits, quirks and features. Do not compare them to other people’s unique traits, quirks and features. Know that you deserve love no matter who you are and what you look like.  Celebrate yourself. Honour yourself.

A rose and a lily are completely different, but each is beautiful. How boring would the world be if all the flowers were the same?

Yes, work towards being fit, healthy and strong – but don’t let your body define you, and your sense of self-worth. Yes, be inspired by others, but don’t expect to become them or condemn yourself when you inevitably can’t.

Although the definition of ideal beauty shifts in different generations, comparing ourselves to others has become a standard feature in our society and it is hard to break free of this ingrained behaviour which we see around us everyday. We do it unconsciously. But, now it is time to become conscious of this negative pattern and truly liberate ourselves from it.

This is something that I am personally working on, and my aim is to have a mindset that is full of love and totally absent of judgement – towards myself and others.

So remember: turn your focus inwards, celebrate your positive features (both in your body and soul), and don’t be afraid to show them off to the world.  When you are full of love you will radiate that energy into the world, and you will attract it back.

Be authentically yourself, because your authentic self is beautiful.

With love,


self love rose


4 thoughts on “Monday Sunshine

  1. Thank you yet again for these wonderful words. How empowering if we could free ourselves from the worry of what others think of us and just be our authentic selves. What a thought! You are an inspiration Alex. X

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