Gathering the berries…

Hello dear readers!

I have decided that the first step on my journey to living more in alignment with nature is to eat more seasonably, so I am going to incorporate a lot more of the UK’s seasonal foods into my diet and make them the majority of what I consume.

For instance, blackberries are growing in abundance at the bottom of my garden and in my local woodland. When a friend came round for dinner a few days ago, conversation turned towards my recent blog post on getting more environmentally aligned. I mentioned the wild blackberry bush that has sprung up this year, and my friend was delighted to be able to join in harvesting the first fruits and to take some home for herself.Blackberry montage

Whilst we were picking the berries and nattering away, I realised how wonderful it was that such a simple activity could provide so much genuine delight and enjoyment. It was also relaxing, and gave us a real sense of appreciation for what we were eating.  We were engaging with the food at the source, rather than buying it in packets from the supermarket.  It gave me a deep feeling of satisfaction, as though this was an activity that was totally normal and right.  And, after all, we are a species of hunter-gatherers, so what is more natural to us than this?  Speaking in terms of evolution, it is but the blink of an eye since we moved into big towns and cities, created supermarkets, and cut ourselves off from the growing power of the land.

I think growing our own food definitely reconnects us to the spirit of the earth, and restores a sense of wonder.  It is amazing to watch something develop from a tiny little seed into a glorious vegetable or fruit.  There is nothing better than sprinkling blackberries you have picked by hand on your morning porridge, or adding homegrown rosemary to your potatoes.  Your food is imbued with a vitality and an intimacy that you can’t get from supermarket-bought goods.  More than anything, it makes you really grateful for what the earth has provided.  And we should be enormously grateful for it. Aside from blackberries, I have never foraged for anything in my life, but it is definitely something I want to look into and will hopefully be writing more about in the near future.

homegrown veggies and lavender
Homegrown organic courgette and beans (courtesy of my grandparents), and lavender from my garden.

So, this autumn and winter I am going to really put effort into finding and buying local, healthy and seasonal foods.  With the harvest just starting, now is an excellent time to do so. has a great list of seasonal UK goods as a guide (here).

Eating seasonably has many benefits:

  • You are more likely to eat locally produced foods, and therefore support the local economy whilst reducing your CO2 footprint.
  • Food is likely to be cheaper as there are fewer transport costs to cover.
  • You reconnect with nature’s cycles, which is a more natural and balanced way of living.
  • Food is fresh, tastier and altogether more nutritious making you healthier and happier!

So, join me in eating more seasonably this autumn! As always, talk to me through Twitter or Instagram, and follow what I am up to 🙂

With love,


2 thoughts on “Gathering the berries…

  1. What a wonderful message to pass on. I totally agree with what you are saying and looking forward to showing you around our allotment. Pick whatever you like, take it home and enjoy your meal, it doesn’t get much fresher than that!


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